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And What is Firearms Training But Self Defense Training

Self defense training has never been an outlandish idea. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of America's most successful firearms training schools, Front Sight, is of the opinion that firearms training should be awarded the same honor in America's mind: not outlandish. Unfortunately, and illogically, firearms training and self defense training are not synonymous. While a person might get self defense training because he is worried about being attacked by an unarmed assailant, what does one do when one is worried about being attacked by an armed assailant?

Dr. Ignatius Piazza was attacked by armed assailants: his home and neighborhood were the targets of a drive-by shooting. There was no sense to the attack, there was no real target, apart from terrorizing a local, prosperous neighborhood. When Dr. Piazza realized that although he had been a gun enthusiast for years, he had no real gun training or self defense training to protect himself and his home if that attack had become a home invasion, he set out to create a place where all Americans could receive world-class self defense training, armed.

Self defense training does not immediately imply unarmed combat and defense. A person who understands the limitations a firearm has, the way that a firearm operates, is aimed and how it reacts in certain conditions, is better self defended than a person who has none of those things.

Front Sight offers firearms training of all sorts. Handgun training is an obvious staple, but shotgun training, submachine gun training, rifle training and unarmed self defense training are also available. Why wouldn't a person, faced with the condition that some of America's 'best' cities are in, receive gun training that's worth something? Front Sight and Dr. Ignatius Piazza urge all of America to receive self defense training.