Front Sight

Front Sight Offers Rifle Training – In Addition To Free Submachine Gun Training

Rifle Training is a subject of much discussion, and the source of that discussion is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight is America's leader in firearms training. And that encompasses all firearms training, from handgun training to shotgun training, from rifle training to unarmed self defense training. Front Sight's rifle training is offered by leaders of the field of firearms training. The instructors at Front Sight are top-notch, as clearly illustrated in this article in Guns and Ammo magazine.

The instructor to student ratio is a remarkable 1-to-4, practically unheard of in the gun training world. This helps to ensure that the range is safe and orderly, something that Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, absolutely insists upon. The safety of his students is his highest priority, and his safety record shows it. Front Sight's safety record is – among many other records held by Front Sight – one of the highest in the nation. One of their most serious accidents? A student hit by hot brass ejection on one of the hundred free submachine gun lessons.

The successes and wins achieved by the students attending any of Front Sight's firearms training are always a joy to read. In addition to them illustrating just how tight a ship Dr. Ignatius Piazza runs at Front Sight, they also show just who attends Front Sight: nurses, doctors, lawyers, construction workers, teachers, students, dentists, electricians, actors, cops, Navy SEALS, pilots. All sorts of men and women attend Front Sight to receive the world's finest gun training, Dr. Piazza and Front Sight strongly encourage you to do the same.

"Prepare to have your mind thoroughly blown and your weapons handling improved beyond imagination!"

Lyle Benjamin, Farmer

"You have no idea what you're missing, or what you don't know, until you attend a class."

Gary L. Minner, Painting Contractor

"Everything was first-class. Immense amount of training. Now I can practice safely; I know what to practice; and I will practice."

Deke Castleman, Travel Writer