Front Sight

Front Sight: Responsible Control of Firearms

It is a truism of human life (a fairly little known one) that knowledge, responsibility and control of a subject are interconnected to a very basic degree. In order to control something, one must have knowledge of it. In order to have knowledge of something, one must have some sort of responsibility over the thing. And as one of these aspects raises, say control, the other two must rise as well. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute understands this. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute created by Ignatius Piazza, makes it its purpose to give people responsible control over firearms.

Let us take a specific example of this. A person desires control of a car. Therefore, he finds someone who can show him knowledge of a car. The person learns everything there is to know about driving, acceleration, braking, changing gears, changing lanes, stop lights and signs, speed limits and every other aspect of driving. In learning about aspects of driving, as the same with gun training, the learner is imbued with a level of responsibility. If the new driver does not take responsibility for the car, he will ruin his transmission, he will exceed the speed limit and he will run stop signs. If his transmission is ruined, he will not be able to control the car. If he is dead because he sped through a stop light and was T-boned by a truck, he will not be able to control the car. Thus we prove that knowledge, responsibility and control of a thing or subject are inherently connected.

This example of knowledge, responsibility and control apply to what we’re discussing with Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight trains people in how guns operate. Front Sight demonstrates the safe, responsible use of firearms and guns. If a person wants to be able to safely handle guns, Front Sight is the place to go!