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Why Should We Concern Ourselves With Firearms Training, They Ask!

While we're on the thread of truisms, let us make this one: by self-evident definition, law-abiding citizens are the only people who follow laws. So a law banning the possession of submachine guns will prevent law-abiding citizens from owning submachine guns. But what about criminals who are already breaking such laws as murder, larceny, armed robbery and assault, to name a few? Would they suddenly decide to abide by laws concerning firearm possession? No! If criminals break laws to begin with, they are going to continue doing so. This means that a criminal will likely be better armed than you if you are ever confronted with an armed robbery or assault. What's more, their experience with firearms equals, to a greater or lesser degree, firearms training. Firearms training is rare, and unfortunately, a criminal's experience may make for better firearms training than you.

Heaven forbid such an occurrence ever happen to any of my readers. Unfortunately, the numbers say that 52% of Americans will encounter, in their lives, some form of violent crime. And what's the number on Americans who have received proper firearms training? I can assure you it's not that high! Firearms training isn't considered important in our day and age. That 52% is a shame, but it's the numbers. And unless something big changes, that number won't simply go away. Therefore, the odds of encountering, in your life, someone who owns an illegal weapon, and may intend to use it against you, are frighteningly high! Getting firearms training is the only way to handle this. Front Sight is the place to go for that.

But this is not a cause for panic. In fact, quite the opposite. It is these facts which make Dr. Ignatius Piazza's offer so perfect. Firearms training is absolutely necessary. With training in how firearms operate and act, especially firearms training available from Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, one can safeguard one's own life and others